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Happy whispers…

So mom was happier yesterday than the day before, she had her nails done, though I don’t know why, cause she only gets dirt under them whenever I come in from the field and she is grooming me. We had our daily hugs but no tears fell today, I hope she is feeling better. 

I stood and munched my hay quietly whilst she whittered away about her day, how her friends had recommended a dating site to get back out there and give someone a chance but I see that she isn’t quite ready for that yet. She is still struggling but today is a happy struggle, she sang (quite loudly and badly) I didn’t understand the words but she was laughing when she was singing so I grooved along right with her. 

My mum is so funny, she laughs at all the wrong times when she is meant to be serious, like when we are dancing our dressage moves, though I think she just takes too much rescue remedy myself. She laughs when I roll in the field after she spent hours grooming me and bathing me, she laughs when I do my head over the door dance, it’s the most beautiful thing I hear, mum tells me that she loves my neigh so together lets just neigh and laugh mum, things are going to be just fine. I think I’m doing it, I think I’m saving her slowly. 

Love Kia. X.