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Flying whispers. 

Yesterday mum was so brave, she has suffered a loss of self confidence in herself for so long when it comes to handling, riding and being around other horses and even sadly to say, me at times. 

Yesterday she had no choice but to put out my field mate in the field with me, she has known this horse for a year now and although we all can have our fresh moments, she isn’t a bit of trouble most of the time but she does have her moments. Mum was scared to death I know, I felt it through my lead rope but I gave her a nudge as if to tell her she would be okay. 

Mum did it and had no issues doing it, my field mate behaved impeccably for her. So whilst mum was still on a high, she booked the indoor arena for later on that day, she was going to ride me. It’s been a while since she last did however I always look after her even when she is shaking wth fear, I look after her. 

Mum looked after me too yesterday, she got her friend to put a pole on the floor so we could walk over it. It’s been about two years since we last did this and I suffered a loss of self confidence, I had to have my mum’s friend walk with me the first time and I felt my mum giving me the encouragement and strength to go forward, we did it, we both flew, by the end we were both trotting around over the scary pole on the floor and having the time of our lives. We saved each other today, today was the best day. I made mum proud and I’m proud of mum too. I’ll sleep happily in my stable tonight dreaming of us crossing another bridge together. 

Love Kia. X. 


Sad Whispers….

So yesterday mom was a little sad, tried as I might, I couldn’t get her to break free from the demons she holds inside, she smiles and pretends to be a happy little soul but when it’s just me and her in the stable, I know she isn’t, she buries her face in my mane and inhales my smell, she hugs me so tight and I just stand, willing her to feel the love I have for her, after all she is my bringer of hay, my feed lady, my shoe payer, my personal maid and my everything. 

I wish mum knew that she was enough, the battles she faces are etched in the sadness in her eyes, I’m sure others don’t notice but I do, you see I was the same, years ago, almost dead in the eye but my mum, she made them shine bright again. I want to be able to save her like she saved me, maybe I already am. 

I make her laugh when I do my head over the door dance, she loves to hear me call just for her when she arrives at the yard. I wish I could be with her all the time so she doesn’t feel the loneliness anymore, and as for the person who did this to her, I’d like to double barrel their backside right across this yard, how dare they break down my beautiful mum, and stand by and watch as she shatters without caring one jot and carrying on as normally as before. 

One day I’ll make her believe she was good enough and she is worth it. But for now I’ll just stand and give her my love whilst she cries her tears in my mane. 

Love Kia.X.