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Bedtime whispers…

This is my stable, like everything else in my life, mum gives me the best she can, today she was working late so asked someone else to get me in before she finished work so I wasn’t standing around alone and cold, so she made my bedroom ready for me for when I came in, that red bucket is my tea so I didn’t have to wait, cause like mum, patience isn’t our strongest virtue. 

We had our morning cuddles and whilst she was turning me out, she was telling me how proud she is of me, she tells me everyday I’m her princess and I am wasted with her, especially when she has her bad days, she gets mad with herself cause she trusts me with her life and she tells me that too. I don’t mind mum, I love you just the way you are, even on the bad days, and guess what I trust you right back cause I know you give me your best everyday. 

Right off to sleep now, this bed isn’t going to muck up itself. 

Love Kia. X.