Quick whispers. 

So mum was in a rush today and has been all day, she had work so I didn’t see her this morning, she arrived this evening. Mums friend had surprised her by doing all her jobs so we just had time together cuddling and my most favourite part was being fed tea twice!! Mums friend fed me and my mum had arranged someone to drop my feed in too so I didn’t have to wait for her to arrive to be fed. 

Mum was telling me about her front door, she has broken it and has had to get it fixed, it cost her lots of money and she was stressing, but I worked my magic and gave her a love to calm her back down. Money comes and goes, me I’m here for another twenty years yet mum, just sniff my mane and inhale the good things in your life. 

Although we didn’t get much time together today, mum tells me that we are going to have to work tomorrow cause I’ve had two teas tonight, not sure I like the sound of that! 

Love Kia. X. 


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